Application for Tax Relief Payment between $250 and $1,000 is Still Open – See if You Qualify

A relief payment worth up to $1,000 is set to be released to Americans who can still apply and avail of the funds. To claim the money, eligible applicants need to send their tax returns.

Nearly 2.4 million rebates were already issued to New Mexicans as of August 15, 2022. The Relief payment budget is $20 million and is distributed on a first come first serve basis.

Those who submitted their tax returns in 2021 will receive the rebates through direct deposit. A paper check is readied for those who changed their banking information since the date of their filing. To still be eligible for the rebate, New Mexicans only have until May 31, 2021, to submit or send in their tax returns.


New Mexico is distributing two rebates. Those who belong in the first rebate are those married couples,  who jointly filed tax returns, surviving spouses, and heads of household earning less than $150,000 and are set to receive $500. Qualified single and married filers earning less than $75,000 will receive $250.

Those who belong in the second rebate are those single filers and married individuals who filed separately and are set to receive $500. Surviving spouses, heads of household, and joint filers will receive $1,000. Eligible taxpayers will receive their rebates automatically given that their 2021 personal income tax return is already filed. Eligible taxpayers who have not filed yet and are not dependents on another taxpayer’s return can still file until May 31, 2023.