California Man is Stabbed 93 Times By His Own Boyfriend From Texas

A Man from California apparently killed his boyfriend from Texas by stabbing him 93 times back in 2020.

A Ghastly Crime

After a long trial, he was finally sentenced to life in prison for the crime, on Thursday, the 12th of January, 2023.

Alexander Yoichi Duberek from San Diego had accounted as being guilty back in July to a domestic violence case that resulted in the death of a 30-year-old man named Chad Luera. On the 31st of October, 2020, Alexander went to Chad’s house in Texas, talked to his boyfriend’s family and told them about their little date.

What was shocking was that, while explaining to his boyfriend’s family about his date night which should have been sweet and full of affection, he started pinning in detail a sadistic plan that he had thought of in order to take his boyfriend’s life and then dispose of it off somewhere discreet.

An Attorney for the Northern District of Texas, named Leigha Simonton went ahead and said this in a press release on Thursday itself. What’s traumatizing isn’t just the death but the fact that he could do something so brutal and truly horrifying to his own boyfriend, somebody he claimed to love, somebody he claimed to be his whole world. The shock, anguish, and terror the boyfriend’s family must have felt cannot be explained in words alone.

What Could Have Been

It is indeed a win that the psychopathic killer was brought to justice. The couple had begun dating back in September of 2019 and Alexander traveled from San Diego to Plainview, Texas thrice during this period. Alexander had even started telling other people that he was planning to shift to Texas only to stay close to his boyfriend but as a matter of fact, he had lost his cool and had snapped which made him want to kill Chad.

He admitted to preplanning this entire murder which was clearly not meticulously spread out. He first arrived at the Lubbock airport in October 2020, took a car to a Sam’s Club parking lot, bought a Toyota Camry, drove to Walmart, and purchased a knife, a hatchet, a gas can, a lamp, a first aid kid, and boots.

O the 12th of January, during the court hearing, prosecutors told the court that when Alexander reached Chad’s place, he told his family that he planned to take Chad out for dinner and then to a hotel to spend the night alone with him but what he did instead was something so gruesome, nobody saw it coming. He killed him and then dumped his body by the roadside near a rural farm road in Hale County. He then flew to Houston. He sold his car over there but when it was found by the police, they spotted blood on the back seat of the car and that matched Chad’s blood.

Alexander was nowhere to be found for five straight months before he turned himself into the San Diego police on the 18th of March, 2021.