Wrestling Belts, “Classified Items’ Discovered in Trump Florida Storage Unit

According to a report, lawyers working for Donald Trump allegedly discovered odd and wonderful items like wrestling belts alongside classified items.

Since sensitive information was allegedly mishandled at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, Donald Trump has come under fire.

According to The Washington Post, two more items with the classification “classified” were discovered in September 2021 during a storage facility search where pallets of items connected to Trump and his team totaling 3,000 pounds in weight were kept.

Wrestling Belts Discovered In A Donald Trump Florida Storage Unit

An outside team carried out one of at least three search queries of his properties for classified materials. As per individuals with knowledge of the situation, after a federal judge pressurized them to certify they had complied with a May grand jury subpoena to transform overall resources bearing classified markings.

They, along with others who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive topics, said that those items were immediately turned over to the FBI.

As per an individual with knowledge of the situation, the storage unit contained a variety of boxes, gifts, suits, and clothing, among other items. “It was suits and swords and wrestling belts and all sorts of things,” this person said. “To my knowledge, he has never even been to that storage unit. I don’t think anyone in Trump could tell you what’s in that storage unit.”

At WrestleMania 23, Trump participated in the Battle of the Billionaires, pitting Bobby Lashley against Umaga, portraying Vince McMahon.

As a result of Umaga’s defeat, McMahon had his head shaved. Even if Lashley had passed away, Trump reportedly wasn’t planning to get his head shaved.