World War 2 Veteran Awarded for Service with Congressional Gold Medal

Last Sunday in Arkansas, a World War II veteran received the Congressional Gold Medal for his service in the Second World War.

A Hot Springs native, Fred Randle was given the honor posthumously and held in the afternoon at the Arkansas State Veterans Cemetery, reported Fox16.

The one who awarded the medal is Retired Major Phil Kramer; he gave the medal to Randel’s wife in the ceremony help.

Kramer told the wife that she was blessed for the service she had rendered to the nation.

Randle was honored in a ceremony to honor him after he died about two years ago. Last Sunday, if he was still alive, he’d be a centenarian, noted KARK.

Not all Americans get the medal from Congress, that is the most anyone in the service can get, and few are given the honor of receiving it.

World War II Veteran

The veteran’s son, Herald Randle, called the media very descriptive, and they did an excellent job about it.

During World War II, Mr. Randel was a part of the unit Merill’s Murderers, which was active in the Southeast Asian theater of war. Kramer talks of Randel’s unit

The former major explained the award is given to all the members of their unit as a collective. The service the Marauders and its men gave were exemplary, and all the last living members earned the award.

It cannot be stressed enough that an honored serviceman’s award should be given to his son, saying that it is an honor for his mother too. Kramer gave it to them.

He added that the unit has only seven members still alive; he remarked that giving the prestigious medal to the family is not usual.

Kramer remarked that Fred was there when the process started, so he got on the list. Not everyone can ever get such a medal, but Fred earned it. it’s a great day for the World War two veteran and the country,