Woman Suspected of Murdering Two Boys, 2 and 5; Corpses Discovered in Residence

In East London, UK,  police suspect a woman of killing two young boys and in court at the Barkingside Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, December 20, reported Meaww.

Accused is Kara Alexander, 44, who was charged with the murder of two boys, aged 2 and 5; the authorities discovered their corpses in an east London Home. Based on the reports in the initial court hearings at the Old Bailey.

Details of the case

The Daily Mail states based on sources how the emergency services were sent to the address on Cornwallis Road; at 2 pm Friday, last December 16. Even with the attempts by the officers of the London Ambulance Service; the children had expired at the scene.

Not soon after the authorities involved had to share the results of the post-mortem exam and all the needed identifications to be seen soon.

(photo credit: RODNAE Productions on pexels.com)

Ms. Alexander was arrested and taken to custody last Friday, and connected to the incident had gotten booked on Monday by the police. She was charged with two counts of murder based on the facts.

Detective Inspector Sean Treweek, stated their thoughts on the dual slaying of two boys.

He added that the killing of the two boys was a very distressing and shocking case that has more questions than there are answers. At the current stage of the investigation, there is no one else connected to the deaths.

Furthermore, thanked how the locals had helped the officer in the case; especially for the concern they gave to the two tragic deaths especially.

He also commented that more officers will be sent to the area, also if there is information that can help in solving the case would be appreciated.

As of this reporting; there is no nothing yet available to explain the actions of Ms. Alexander; why the two boys had ended up dead in the house they were found in; nothing is definite.