Texas Rural Counties Growing; Causing local Disasters over Illegal Immigration

Following the surging invasion of migrants, the nearby counties of Texas state have been declared local disasters over immigration. Among these counties, Hopkins remains the most effective one as it is just 500 miles away from the Mexico border.

Why are local disasters occurring in Texas Counties?

The Hopkins County Commissioners Court has declared a local disaster in the county considering the increasing migrant invasion. The declaration has stated that the illegal trespassing of the immigrants has threatened health, privacy, safety, and welfare. As per KWTX, migration has also caused an increase in criminal activities such as drug dealing and human trafficking in the border area.

Along with Hopkins, Kinney, Liberty, Angelina, and other nearby rural counties to the Mexico border have declared local disasters. However, the impact can be highly noticed at Hopkins. Apart from disaster declaration, Hopkins County has adopted several tactics to handle the situation, like considering the county a sanctuary city for the unborn.

It is also making endeavors to release funds from the state government to fix the situations under unlawful migration.

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How can declaring disaster help Texas county, Hopkins, under crisis?

The disaster declaration has provided Hopkins county of Texas the chance to availing extra funding under the Operation Lone Star grant program. It would help enforce the law in rural counties so that criminal activities can be controlled and the safety of the residents is restored.

The Texas governor, Greg Abbott, has taken evident measures to restrict illegal trespassing. Along with tightening the force in the border area, he declared $30 million in July 2022 to support the rural counties in the state under the crisis.

The County Judge of Liberty, Jay Knight has shown his concerns about the migrant invasion in the county. He expressed that the county has lost its Public Safety officers after deploying them in the border area for safety purposes. Hence, it is a huge concern for the area.

Keith Wright, the Angelina County Judge has expressed that the issues in the nearby counties of the Mexico border must be resolved as soon as possible. He has stressed the mental state of the residents and officials of his county that have been hampered because of the unwanted threat to human rights. Wright has asserted that the government has to take steps toward handling the mental state of the public.