Texas Ex-Police Officer’s Case of Murdering Black Woman in 2019 to Reopen in Court Again

Aaron Dean, a former officer at the Fort Worth police department in Texas, was suspected of shooting and killing a black woman, Atatiana Jefferson in the locality. The incident happened in 2019 but the case Dean wasn’t punished back then. However, the court and the jury have decided to reopen the case and find out whether the shooter was guilty of the brutal murder or not. The case resulted in a tense situation among the public as it raised questions on the practice of racial discrimination in the US state.

What did the Texas officer do?

On October 12, 2019, Fort Worth Police officer, Aaron Dean responded to a call that mentioned one of his neighboring house’s open doors. The caller called at seemed quite concerned and suspected a burglary attack at his neighbor’s residence. The lights of the house were also on.

Gun fire
Credit- Statesman

As per the sources, Dean reached and inspected the location. As per the call, he found the door of the house was open. As per his body camera footage, Dean didn’t park his car near the house nor did he knock on the door before entering the property. He didn’t even let the people inside the house know about the presence of the police.

Credit- ABC News

Out of fear, Atatiana Jefferson took her gun but didn’t shoot. However, the Texas police officer shouted to put her weapon down and suddenly shot Jefferson to death. Dean left his job as a police officer before getting fired.

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What was the Texas resident, Atatiana Jefferson doing at the time of the shooting?

The property where Atatiana Jefferson was shot dead was her mother’s residence. Jefferson was unwell so she was staying with her along with Zion, Jefferson’s nephew. Both Jefferson and Zion were playing video games at 2.30 a.m. They kept the door of the house open so that the smoke of the hamburgers that they burned earlier can go out.

Atatiana Jefferson
Credit- BBC

Dean has asserted that he suspected a robbery at the house that’s why he shot Jefferson. But she also grabbed her gun to protect herself. The jury is ready to find the answers to these questions after three years of the murder.