Rep. Joaquin Castro calls out Abbott as ‘heartless POS’ for busing migrants

Over the weekend, when scores of migrants were dropped off outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ DC residence, Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro slammed Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, calling the Lone Star State’s leader a “heartless POS” and “worthless.”


Early on Sunday, Castro, a Democrat who represents San Antonio, tweeted: “Worthless @GovAbbott dumping off individuals with no money and no means on Christmas Eve in 15-degree temperatures near the VP’s mansion.”

Greg Abbott, you are so Christian,” he said. You won’t become the next Republican president by being a cruel POS, I assure you.

The migrants believed they would be in New York City on Christmas Day and had boarded three charter buses in Texas, according to an assistance agency that assisted the lost migrants in DC.

Instead, 120 people—including adults, children, and seniors—were dropped off at the Naval Observatory in northwest Washington as the temperature dropped to only 15 degrees.

After discovering that the buses were traveling in their direction from relief groups in Texas, local volunteers were compelled to act quickly to assist the migrants.

Abbott has been notorious for refusing to give mayors’ offices or aid organizations advance notice since he started his program in April of busing migrants from Texas border communities to cities like DC and New York. New York Mayor Eric Adams claimed he was taken by surprise when Abbott first sent migrants to Gotham in August.

“Texas has ruthlessly used asylum seekers as political pawns for months, and this current farce is simply another illustration of the vicious conduct emanating from Texas.


The travelers were brought to nearby churches for food and shelter, often wearing T-shirts or thin sweatshirts.

The SAMU First Response managing director, Tatiana Laborde, told The Post that she thinks the change in plans was brought on by the significant snowfall up north.

Despite the criticism of Abbott’s bus program, El Paso, a traditionally Democratic city, requested the governor’s assistance in busing migrants out of the overcrowded border hub after a state of emergency was declared due to the border issue. Once Title 42 expires, an even greater influx of migrants is anticipated to enter the sixth-largest city in Texas.