Famous New York City Priest Left $7 million Legacy to His Son

$7 Million Towering Legacy Left By New York City Priest to His Son

Rev. Louis R. Gigante was a Roman Catholic priest who is the son of Italian immigrants and the brother of New York mobsters, swaggered over the crime-ridden and decaying South Bronx with a baseball bat and a development company that built and made thousands of low-income apartments.

A New York City priest Rev. Louis Gigante who passed away earlier this year was famous for being the devoted dedicated brother of a Mafia boss who left behind two surprises and revelations a fortune and wealth of $7 million and an adult son.

The most surprising of all according to The New York Times is that Rev. Louis Gigante lived in the suburbs with his son Gino and Gino’s mother. Every morning, he would wear and put on a Roman collar to go to his work in the parish.

Famous New York City Priest Left $7 million Towering Legacy to His Son
Father Gigante, a towering figure in the Bronx, left a $7 million fortune entirely to the son he had while he was a priest. (Photo: The New York Times)

Famous NYC Priest Left Behind Millions and a Son After Death

According to a published post by The Daily Beast, the 32-year-old Gino Gigante stated that they had a quiet life and Father Gigante was proud of him and also they did everything together. Gino received his inheritance and legacy from Gigante, who owned a development company in the Bronx and this is how revealed that Rev. Louis Gigante had a son.

The revelation reveals and exposes a brazen disregard and disrespect for one of the Catholic Church’s tenets, which states that priests must remain celibate. Salvatore Arena who is a former New York Daily News reporter who is working and employed on a book proposal about Father Gigante and looked up his last will has made the discovery in recent weeks.

Rev. Louis R. Gigante left almost all of those earnings to his son in a trust until he turned 40 which he estimated and probably to be more than $7 million.