Officials Discover, Seize Donald Trump’s Pro Wrestling Belts in Florida

Donald Trump, the former US President makes yet another piece of news. As per the news, pro wrestling belts have been found in storage in West Palm Beach, Florida. The items are apparently being seized by the officials. Trump has been a wrestling fan all his career. He has also been included in the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame.

Trump’s wrestling belts seized

In a storage unit in West Palm Beach, Florida, a group of outside people and his lawyers found specific boxes. Some boxes were considered classified as per the lawyers. The storage unit was used by Donald Trump once.

It also had gifts, clothes, and suits. In the classified boxes, the group of people found at least two pro wrestling belts.

Credit- WWE

The belts, along with other things, were seized by the FBI. A person on the spot stated, “It was suits and swords and wrestling belts and all sorts of things. To my knowledge, he has never even been to that storage unit. I don’t think anyone in Trump world could tell you what’s in that storage unit.”

There is no certainty regarding when trump will receive his belts and other things back.

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Donald Trump’s craze for wrestling

Donald Trump has appeared multiple times in the WWE ring. One of his remarkable appearances was seen in WrestleMania 23 in 2007. Trump was a part of Battle of the Billionaires, where he was supporting the wrestler Bobby Lashley.

Lashley was supposed to fight against Umaga, who was supported by Vince McMahon.

Credit- The Wall Street Journal

The condition of the match was the supporting individual would get shaved if their contender lost. Umega lost the battle resulting in Vince McMahon getting shaved. Back then, reporters said Trump would never have shaved his head even if Lashley had died in the battle.

Additionally, Trump was previously seen in the WWE arena in 2004, WrestleMania 20. He had an interview with the former wrestler Jesse Ventura.