New York, Penn Station Suspects Arrested; Police Reveal to Prevent Major Crime

The New York Police arrested two suspects in November 2022 with the allegation of accessing dangerous weapons. As per the police, the two were involved in planning a threat to the Jewish community.

The officials reveal their connection with major terroristic activities that could take place in the near future. Their arrests have averted a threatening influence on certain communities and the country.

Two men arrested

On November 18, Saturday, two suspicious men got arrested by MTA police officers with the allegations of possessing harmful weapons in Penn Station, New York. Long Island resident Christopher Brown and Manhattan’s Matthew Mahrer were stopped and interrogated. They were in transit, but police found them suspicious. Police recovered a knife, a ski mask, and a swastika armband from Brown’s backpack.

Penn Station
Credit- Curbed NY

Earlier the day after getting arrested, 21-year-old Brown posted a threatening post against the Jewish community on Twitter. Moreover, he mentioned gun violence against Jewish people. He asserted through the tweet that he is going to commit the crime this time. Along with that, Brown paid $650 to Mahrer to purchase a gun. It was quite evident that the duo was planning something big and dangerous.

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Charges against the Penn Station suspects

NBC New York stated that Christopher Brown has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon, making a terrorist threat, and aggravated harassment against the Jewish community. On the other hand,  Matthew Mahrer was booked with charges of criminal possession of a weapon. They were presented at the New York Supreme Court.

NY high court
Credit- Wikipedia

Alvin Bragg, Manhattan District Attorney has stated that the arrests have helped the authority to prevent serious terrorist activity. He further adds that the state authority will not tolerate community-based violence.

Keechant Sewell, NYPD Commissioner has expressed that protecting the state and its people is very important for the officials. The collective endeavor of the police department has made the arrests successful and protected the state from a great tragedy.