Man Arrested for Allegedly Setting GF’s House on Fire, Woman’s Sister Burned to Death

A man in his 30s was taken into custody after he was accused of setting fire to the home of his girlfriend on Dec. 4, which resulted in the death of her sister, who was 20 years old and had a disability.

The stated motive for the crime was that the woman broke up with him

Allegedly Setting House on Fire, Killed Paraplegic Woman

After his girlfriend broke up with him the on Sunday, Aaron Christopher Clark allegedly went to her house and tried to kill her and her family, as stated by Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer.

According to True Crime Daily, Olivia Drasher, the woman’s sister, was murdered in the fire, however the rest of the family managed to get out safely. She was reportedly nonverbal and suffering from cerebral palsy.

Stollsteimer said that Drasher passed away due to smoke inhalation, and her body was physically burned to death, making the fire one of the most horrible and vile deeds that he has ever witnessed.

Stollsteimer disclosed that she was trapped inside the house, unable to move or speak while her body was being fried and while she was suffocating to death due to the smoke.

The only reason she died was because Clark was upset that her elder sister had broken up with him, Stollsteimer added.

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Taking Anger Out on Her Sister

The district attorney also revealed that Clark was unable to kill the woman who was attempting to end their relationship, so he took his frustrations out on her sister, who is incapacitated, by setting fire to the house in the early morning hours of December 4 while he knew the family was inside.

After killing the woman’s sister and attempting to exterminate the rest of her family, he continued to torture the woman by sending her threatening texts while he was in custody, NBC News reported.

Clark continued his assaults on law enforcement officers after they were tipped off about the messages and tried to investigate what was going on.

Clark is being held on several counts of first-degree murder, attempted murder, assault, and making threats to engage in terrorist activity. Within the online court documents, there was no mention of a counsel who could comment on his behalf.