Homeless Boy Sheds Tears Seeing Own Bed for the First Time

A boy who grew up homeless shed tears after seeing his own bed for the first time.

After being homeless for a while, Daeyr Neely and his mother moved around in different shelter homes, according to a report from scoop.upworthy website.

Many people have trouble recalling their very first night sleeping in their own bed. It’s easy to forget what life may be like without this experience, as many people take it for granted. But not everyone is as fortunate in life.

Genuine Surprise

A young child in Detroit had just had his first experience sleeping in his own bed, and the expression on his face was priceless.

According to NBC, Daeyr Neely and his mother lived in several shelter houses after being homeless for a number of years. 

Daeyr hasn’t had a bed of his own since he was a little boy, but now he does with the aid of the nonprofit Humble Design, which seeks to prevent homelessness.

It was quite sweet to observe his response when he first saw his own bed on the video. At the beginning of the movie, Daeyr walks into the bedroom and sees the bed.

His lips drop, and his eyes widen in real astonishment for the first few seconds.

His response becomes even more visceral when he realizes that this bed is indeed his.

He appeared to be having trouble accepting this gift, and as it started to sink in, he started crying. With his hands covering his face and his shoulders trembling with rage, Daeyr turns to embrace a hug. His mother can be heard saying, “Sweetheart, everything is for you.”

His Family

When Daeyr was just 2 years old, his mother, Dionna Neely lost her job as a result, and they also lost their house. 

The family entered a Detroit shelter after some time spent living on the streets. Although it would take some time, the end goal was to secure funding from the city for public housing.

Daeyr found it difficult to transition into the shelter. Dionna claimed that he had had unexpected challenges as a result of the move.

He started having minor issues at school after we moved into the shelter, but I told him that this was what we had to do to get our own house, she said.

The family eventually gained access to their own home and was able to leave the shelter. For the family, it represented a significant adjustment and a turn for the better.

The family did not have everything they required, despite how wonderful it felt to have their own roof over their heads finally.

They had very little money to work with when it came to buying furniture and accessories for their new home. Daeyr didn’t have a bed at first, so he spent the first few months sleeping on piles of blankets.

Thanks for the Help

Humble Design, a nonprofit organization that works to end homelessness in various parts of the country, wanted to assist the Neely family when they were having issues.

They were aware of how beneficial it would be for them to furnish their new home. The Neely family’s new home was furnished and decorated at no cost to them. The furniture was a gift from local residents.

Daeyr received his own bed for the first time in years, which provided him with a moment he would never forget. Decorating the house also greatly impacted by giving it a sense of home.