Mark Cuban Asserts to Start and Sell Business for $5.7 billion to Buy Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, has been a successful American entrepreneur. He is a billionaire and TV personality with an approximate net worth of $4.8 billion. Cuban has claimed that once he started a company spending $8000 and once the business became successful, he sold it for $5.7 billion. The businessman utilized the amount to buy the NBA team Dallas Mavericks.

Mark Cuban starts a company

Cuban is a billionaire businessman who studied at the University of Pittsburgh and Indiana University Bloomington. Along with studying business management, her interest in entrepreneurship developed and led him to provide impactful business ideas.

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As per the sources, in 1995, Mark Cuban launched the video streaming platform named in collaboration with his friend Todd Wagner. Both Cuban and Wagner attended Indiana University together and became business partners later. They started the company with an investment of $8000. However, in 1999, they sold the business to Yahoo with a surprising amount of $5.7 billion.

Dallas Mavericks
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Apart from, Cuban has handled several other businesses. Along with owning the NBA team Dallas Mavericks, he is the co-owner of the American media company 2929 Entertainment. Cuban is also the co-founder of the premium home and bath product manufacturing company Brondell Inc.

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Mark Cuban buys Dallas Mavericks

In the TV program Cold as Balls hosted by Kevin Hart, Cuban stated that after selling, he bought the NBA team Dallas Mavericks for $285 million. The businessman earned a huge profit after selling his business idea to Yahoo. He simply utilized the amount by investing a small amount of it in sports. He has owned the sports franchise for more than 20 years.

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According to Yardbarker,  Cuban is quite an enthusiast about the sports form and often involves himself in team rivalries. He has expressed his discomfort after being used by a Shark Tank participant in the logo of another team.