Florida Woman Seeks Strict Action Against Her Father Who Allegedly Killed Many People

A woman from Florida claimed her father killed several people in Iowa. The daughter has stated that she and her siblings buried many people whom their father had killed. Lucy Studey has asserted last week that her father Donald Dean Studey has killed dozens of people over the decades and buried the dead bodies beneath the ancestral property.

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As per the sources, police investigated the suspected area for three days but couldn’t find any evidence to prove the claims.

Daughter asserts her father is a serial killer in Florida

A 53-year-old Florida resident, Lucy Studey has reported to police that her father Donald Dean Studey killed many people over the years and buried them in his own property in Iowa state. Donald’s targets were mostly women- prostitutes and transients as per his daughter. She further states that he killed 50-70 women and at least two men over 30 years.

According to the reports, Lucy and her siblings were forced by their father to help him in burying the bodies. After the claims were made a team of officers carried out an investigation into Donald’s family property. But nothing related to the case was found.

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Nevertheless, the suspect of the alleged murders, Donald Dean Studey died at the age of 75 in 2013.

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 What did Lucy do after the failed investigation by the police?

Lucy who stays in Florida now expresses that she tried to contact the officials of the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation and FBI during the time of excavation and let them know the actual area where the bodies were buried by her father. But she didn’t get any reply from the officials.

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Afterward, Lucy sends an open letter to Newsweek to inform them about the wrong area of excavation. She further seeks a detailed investigation into the case as she is the eyewitness to her father’s crime.