Former Texas Officer Found Guilty in Manslaughter of Atatiana Jefferson

A former Texas officer was found guilty of manslaughter in the death of Atatiana Jefferson.

In 2019, a former Texas officer was found guilty of manslaughter after shooting Atatiana Jefferson dead through her front window.

This is not usual for an official to shoot someone who is also armed, as reported by MSN.

The jurors thought a murder charge would be right, but Aaron Dean got manslaughter instead. It had been three years since the Fort Worth office had shot Jefferson, 28, when following a call regarding an open front door, as noted by AP News.

Aaron Dean, the suspect in killing Atatiana Jefferson. (Photo from AP News)

The jury deliberated for about 13 hours over two days before deciding he committed manslaughter.

In the six days of witness statements and discussion, the primary point of contention here is whether Dean knew Jefferson had been armed when he gunned down the woman.

He mentioned her gun in his testimony; however, the prosecution asserted that the proof proved otherwise.

Facing up to 20 years in jail, the 38-year-old has to endure the sentencing phase of the trial schedule, which starts on Friday.

He would be in for life should a murder verdict be reached by the jury. The officer, who is free on a bond, was booked in the Tarrant County jail after the court decision.

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Guilty of Manslaughter

The jury held a session for about 13 hours in two days when they set the verdict to manslaughter. One of the contentions is whether he knew the person was armed when he gunned her down. The officer had seen the weapon, as she testified, but the prosecutors had doubts about it.

According to Lee Pamplin, counsel and a friend of the Jeffersons, the jury did not hurry their verdict.

Counsel stated the members of the jury looked at the evidence of the shooting by the officer and took time to consider everything. As stated, the decision is good enough, and the manslaughter charge is enough for the family.

Instead of life, the former Texas officer got less for the screaming of Atatiana Jefferson.