Florida Doctor Rapes Patients, Found Dead in Ditch

Authorities in Florida report that a doctor who was arrested for raping patients while they were under the influence of anesthesia has been found dead.

After administering painkillers, laughing gas, and alcohol to two of his patients at his medical spa, Pura Vida Medical Spa in Naples, Florida, it is alleged that the 54-year-old Eric Salata engaged in sexual activity with both of them.

Sudden Death of Accused Florida Doctor 

According to Independent, the Florida doctor’s body was discovered in a ditch next to his residence after a welfare check carried out since the ankle monitor attached to him had not moved in eight hours.

The deputy who responded stated he was told by an individual who did not identify themselves that Salata had left two notes, his wedding ring, and his credit cards at his residence, Fox 59 reported. 

It further stated that the individual was also responsible for communicating the matter to the company controlling Salata’s ankle monitor. 

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by an employee of the company who said that Salata’s monitor showed him driving at his residence at 10 a.m. and strolling in the direction of Gail Boulevard.

According to the deputy, he found a boot protruding from the woods near the site where the doctor was last seen. A short while later, the deputy located Salata’s body in a ditch and had been shot in the head.

The report stated that the Florida doctor’s body exhibited no signs of deterioration and that he appeared to have recently passed away. The report also mentioned that a pistol was discovered near Salata’s right leg.

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Raping Patients While Under Sedation

Based on the arrest record, police were called to Project Help Crisis on Oct. 24 and spoke with a 51-year-old lady.

She informed police that after taking pain medication, being given gas for an operation, and drinking what she thought was tequila, she woke up to discover Salata assaulting her before falling unconscious.

The next time she woke up, she informed police that she found Salata raping her, and she insisted that she was not dreaming, as Independent revealed. 

Moreover, a 73-year-old woman spoke during the time of his arrest. She said that Salata had raped her during a cosmetic operation.

Salata was scheduled to appear in court again on Dec. 19