TikTok User Reveals the Most Racist Town of Texas from his Terrible Experience

Racism has been a social issue in the USA for decades. Although people carry a negative attitude toward racial discrimination yet, there are some prevalent strains of racism in many US cities. A truck driver has recently shared his shocking experience at one of the cities in Texas state in May through TikTok which left an alarming impact on the viewers.

Racism in Texas

A truck driver named Gideon has shared his racist experience on TikTok in Vidor, Texas, also known as a Sundown Town, because of its white neighborhoods.

Gideon had to deliver a load to the town and reached there around 5:30 p.m. But his load wasn’t taken off. At that moment Gideon saw several confederate flags that were covering an effigy-like doll of a black man that was ganging by its throat to a tree.

Source- Daily Dot

As per Daily Dot, the driver overheard the security guards discussing that nobody will be responsible for his safety in the town as the receiver of the load do not receive anything after 4 p.m. Gideon’s truck was unloaded the following day at 8 a.m. The person who received the load suggested the driver leave the city as soon as possible as it won’t be safe for him to stay there.

While asking about the support of the police, the person told police generally ignore these matters so expecting refuge from them can be dangerous. Gideon accepted the suggestion made by the receiver of the load and left the town at the soonest. He later shared this terrifying experience on Tiktok. the video has been watched more than 900k times.

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TikTok User Calls Vidor, Texas a Racist Town


Vidor, Texas is one of the Sundown Towns that is considered to be dangerous for black people. Racism has not been eliminated here as it has fully white communities like Vidor city. Newsweek states the term Sundown is used for the all-white cities in the USA to signify that colored people should leave the town before sunset.

Residents here are intolerant toward black people and have an attitude of keeping the minor communities out of their area. The incident that happened with the Tiktok user who is a truck driver is a horrifying condition that no one wants to go through.

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