Chris Watts Allegedly Killed Wife Due to Her Controlling Behavior

The grisly story of Chris Watts, who brutally murdered his pregnant wife Shanann, and daughters, Bella and Celeste, remains the topic of numerous speculations and rumors, reported Meaww.

A contemporary theory that has surfaced just on the Internet indicates that homicides have been compelled by Shanann’s supposedly controlling behavior.

The murderer is currently being held there at the high-security Dodge Correctional Facility in Waupun, Wisconsin.

Colorado oil worker, presently 37, killed his wife, Shanann, who had been 15 weeks pregnant, together with his two girls aged three and four on August 13, 2018.

Watts had reported earlier them missing and had issued a clear plea for their return, but was apprehended since he planned to kill the others, note Eonline.

Based on some of the reports that he was having an affair with someone else in the oil firm. To hide the bodies of the two girls; placing the corpses in two oil tankers where he was an employee.

The children’s cadavers were fished out of the tankers, and his wife’s corpse was taken from a shallow grave close by.

Watt’s tried to blame the killing of his two daughters on his wife when he admitted to killing the pregnant woman.

Admitted to killing and slaying his daughters and wife. The man got several counts of first-degree murder, unlawful termination of a pregnancy, and three instances of tampering with a dead body.

Another particular is a guilty plea for five life sentences with no parole.

According to his officemates who found it easy to get along with him; the man was different and unlike before when the picture of his girls was on his mobile.

Brian pence a co-worker noticed that Watts was flipping and was not the same ever since; he was not himself.

It grew worse over time as the convicted man was hard to deal he was getting too combative.