Texas Declared State of Emergency Due to Increasing Migrant Invasion

Texas has been encountering major challenges due to surging illegal migrant trespassing in the Texas-Mexico. This has also brought concern to the state authorities as crime and other negative entities are also growing for the migrant invasion.

Credit- ABC News

Among the other strict steps in the transport and security sectors of the state, the mayor of El Paso city has declared an emergency last Saturday. The southern border of the state has been provided with high-security measures considering the ongoing situation.

Texas mayor declares emergency-

Oscar Leeser, Mayor of El Paso has declared a state of emergency following the unexpected migrant invasion on the southern border of Texas. Title 42 was enforced in 2020 by Donald Trump’s management to control hiking forced entry in the border areas. However, the law is expiring on December 21 bringing security concerns over unlawful trespassing.

Credit- New York Post

Sources state that the declaration of emergency is a sign that the southern border of the state will be equipped with more resources to control illegal occupation by immigrants. The declaration was supposed to be made earlier but Leeser didn’t want the common people to suffer in the extreme cold weather.

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Updates on Texas emergency situation-

The Texas government has brought several restrictions to manage the increasing migrant invasion. A few days back Governor Greg Abbot extended the security checks of commercial trucks in the border area. Though it disrupted the supply chain management amidst the holiday season yet the step was necessary to control the situation.

Till then, the idea of declaring an emergency was being ignored by the authority. Nevertheless, the situation has become crucial to address. As Title 42 is expiring this Wednesday, an unforeseen hike in migrant trespassing. The emergency and restrictions may limit the number of foreigners who are trying to find refuge on US soil.

As per reports, at least 6,000 people are expected to cross the border illegally from Wednesday. Hence, until Title 42 is restored or other actions are taken, the restrictions are necessary for security purposes.