California Government Ready to Provide $223,000 to Black Citizens of State

The USA has observed high racial discrimination in the national history whether it is in terms of housing facilities or other government schemes. This has also forced the Black communities to encounter a financial gap between them and White people. Considering these drawbacks, the California state government has planned to release an amount of $223,000 exclusively to Black individuals as a part of Housing-Discrimination Payment. The state government has aimed to bridge the homeownership gap of the black population through this scheme.

What does the California government declare on providing benefits to the black residents of the state?

State governor Gavin Newsom, and the California Reparations Task Force have declared that every black individual can receive a huge amount of $223,000. The decision has been taken to eliminate the age-long housing discrimination against black citizens in the country. The government has understood the urgency of addressing issues of the state’s black population related to their homeownership.

Gavin Newsom
Credit- Bloomberg

As per Newsbreak, Governor Newsom has created a nine-member panel to plan and execute the initiative of releasing money to black people. The government has estimated that about 7% of the total population of the state will be eligible to get this benefit indicating a total amount of $569 billion.

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Why is the California government willing to provide benefits to black communities?

The state government of California has been concerned about its black population as they are the decades-long victims of racial discrimination. This has also impacted their homeownership rights. According to National Review, in the duration between 1933 and 1977, several government policies were passed that encouraged racial discrimination in the USA.

Credit- Vox

These policies made the black communities pay more than $5,074 per year to survive in the US states. As result, they could not attain homeownership for a long time. Considering all these obstacles, the California government has decided to release the amount to help its black residents to get homeownership.