Another Batch of “Holiday Relief” Checks on their Way to Californians this Week

This week, an additional batch of holiday relief checks will be distributed to the millions of people living in California. Nearly 23 million residents of California are eligible to receive assistance in the form of a one-time payment known as the Middle-Class Tax Refund (MCTR).

The state projected that around 90 percent of direct deposits would be issued by October 2022, which would be beneficial to a total of 22,820,232 taxpayers and their families.

Another Batch of Holiday Relief Checks

Even though there is no method to trace your payment, the Franchise Tax Board has published extensive timetables that outline when the batches of holiday relief checks will be distributed.

The number of batches distributed between October 2022 and January 2023 will be contingent on the stimulus payments distributed earlier.

According to The Sun, starting in late October and continuing through December 10, 2022, MCTR debit card payments were mailed out to residents of California who were recipients of the Golden State Stimulus (GSS) I and II.

The GSS I or II check recipients with last names beginning with W through Z should have received their debit cards between Dec. 4 and 10. For non-GSS grantees whose last names begin with A through K, they will receive their payments commencing on Dec. 5 and Dec. 17, respectively.

Payments will be made available to residents either through direct deposit or by mailing debit cards. There was no need for taxpayers to submit an application as they will automatically get the payout.

Not as Big as Stimulus Checks

This year, “stimulus checks” have been sent by over half of the states. While not as large as the federal stimulus checks distributed last year, these state payouts can be a lifeline for families struggling with rising costs and unemployment.

As stated by Kiplinger, the majority of eligible state citizens have already received their stimulus payments, which were distributed earlier in the year. In a few states, though, residents will continue to get their December payments.

If a qualifying recipient has unexpected costs at the year’s end or over the Christmas season, this will be a welcome relief.

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