Houston Kid Gets Stolen along with a car, Suspect Leaves the 1-year-old in a Dollar Store

What happened in Houston?

Police in Houston are searching for the person who they believe stole a family’s car while a 1-year-old kid was inside, then reportedly put the boy off at a southwest Houston dollar shop, where he was later discovered roaming.

Source- The Texas Tribune

A 38-year-old man and his young son were at a Shell gas station in the 11000 block of Fondren at 2:45 on Sunday, according to HPD.

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How did the parents of the Houston kid react?

The sound of the car door closing and the doors locking was heard by the father as he was filling the air in his tires at the air pump.

Source- Insurify

A man in a red hat was seated in the driver’s seat when he looked inside his car in their residence in Houston. With the toddler still buckled in, that dad drove off.

How did the parents locate the Toddler?

The father called his own phone, which was left in the car, using a witness’ cell phone.

According to authorities, when someone picked up the phone, they informed him that his son had been left off at the 99 Cents store near Chimney Rock and West Bellfort.

Source- Pixabay

The father stopped an officer and informed him what he had been told in a dollar store.  They proceeded to the shop where the infant had been discovered.

The child was examined by emergency officials with the Houston Fire Department as a precaution. After being found to be physically unhurt, the child was returned to his family.