Working Grandma Shot By Robber at Cracker Barrel Restaurant In Texas

Robin Baucom, a Texas grandma and manager at Cracker Barrel Restaurant, was shot fatally. This incident happened while she tried to protect her co-worker, as per New York Daily News.

Baucom was a 59-year-old grandma who had been working at the restaurant for 34 years. Now, this Texas woman is described Hero, considering how she kept the safety of her co-worker.

What did the police say?

As per the Sheriff’s office of Harris County, 2 people drove to the restaurant. One of the men got out & made an attempt to steal the employee’s purse. This incident happened right outside the Cracker Barrel store.

It was further added that the associate manager of the restaurant, as she opened the door for help, she got fatally shot. All Baucom was trying to do was to allow the employee to get in. It was further added by him that he felt sad as the victims just started the day which this happened. Baucom couldn’t survive after being shot even when she reached the hospital on time.

The suspect has not been identified yet. However, as per Deputies, he got shot in Atascocita on Monday evening. The police were trying to arrest him. After being shot, the suspect got transported to the hospital, but even he didn’t survive, as per people news.

According to the police, the vehicle’s driver is cooperating in the investigation. The investigation is active and ongoing as per Senior Deputy Thomas M. Gilliland.

Baucom was a dedicated working woman

Baucom is said to have worked at the restaurant for around 34 years. Her family describes her to be 1 of the hardest working person.

The grandmother was married. She is survived by her husband, 3 kids, and grandkids. She loved not just her job but was also great with her customers, employees, and family. According to them all, she is a hero, and she should be remembered as such. She did her best trying to protect the employees and the restaurant while she took care of the business as needed.

Anyone who has any information about the shooting has been called out to connect with the police. They can reach out to Sheriff’s office at Harris County,

  • Homicide Unit- 713-274-9100 or
  • Crime stoppers- 713-222-8477