Gov. Greg Abbott To Expand Border Walls in Texas to Boost Security

Governor Greg Abbott has announced his plans to build more walls on the Texas border as a measure to enhance the security of the state.

The Texas governor is highly concerned about the illegal entry of miscreants at the Texas border. Therefore, during his Thanksgiving dinner with members of the Texas National Guards, he unveiled his security enhancement plans.

Gov. Greg Abbott Intends to Increase Security Measures

He said that there will be more walls coming come to safeguard the border of this state. The wall is slated to have two more additional segments, added the governor.

The Title 42 restrictions will expire next month which in turn increases security concerns in the state. Many illegal immigrants cross the border every year which is not a good sign for Texas’ security, he added.

He has further requested the current US President Joe Biden to accelerate border restrictions in the coming years. The entry of unauthorized people not only causes land and employment scare but also paves a way for criminal activities to occur frequently.

Illegal Entry to Texas

Abbott during his Thanksgiving meeting was also quoted saying that Texas witnessed more than 2.5 million crossing its border in 2021. It rounds up to more than the total population of Houston.

In his ordinances, he further mentioned that if anyone is found to be crossing the border illegally will be detained and punished thoroughly. He has managed to secure funding of around 4 billion to build strong border walls. Although he has refused to share further details on this development including the location and construction plans.

Abbott recently launched operation Lone Star facilitating the deployment of thousands of soldiers on the border. With this, he expects that Texas will be a safer place for its citizens. He has plans to divert most of the illegal immigrants to New York City, Washington, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

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