Lady who took Silicon-valley by storm: Sheryl Sandberg’s Net Worth, Salary, Husband, and more

Women race men to the top shoulder to shoulder in today’s world. Inspiring stories of resilience and courage by women are brewing up. One such women leader in the technology sector is Sheryl Sandberg. The number of women in the technology sector happens to be very scarce. To hold a senior management position is even rare. Only 15% of women employees have top posts in 150 tech companies. The technology sector stands far behind in the line regarding diversity in the workplace. To become a C-level executive in such a sector is, in fact, a trailblazer of a victory.

Who is Sheryl Sandberg?

Sheryl Sandberg, Harvard Alumni, is currently one of the most influential and powerful women. Before joining Meta (then Facebook), she had joined Google, where she was the lead in the company’s advertising and publishing campaigns for all its consumer goods and the Google book search function. After she left Google, she met Mark Zuckerberg at a party, where Zuckerberg offered her the position of Facebook COO. Sheryl bought about outstanding accolades on Facebook and then became the first woman to join the Board of Directors in 2012, giving Sheryl Sandberg’s net worth a surge.

What is Sheryl Sandberg’s net worth 

Sheryl Sandberg had been the chief operating officer (COO) of Meta since she joined the social media platform in 2008 and has played a pivotal role in shaping the tech powerhouse and making the name of socializing across the globe. She has been the biggest cheerleader as not only did she help in mobile advertising strategy and drove clear of scandals faced by Facebook on multiple occasions, but she has also emerged as one of the most visible and successful executives. Sheryl Sandberg’s Net worth was an estimated $1.6 billion. This business lady has not only shown generosity towards Facebook but also emerged as a philanthropist who, on multiple occasions, has donated her shares. 

Sheryl Sandberg’s Net Worth in terms of Facebook shares


Sheryl Sandberg's Net Worth in terms of Facebook shares (2)

Sheryl, since May 2012, has sold over $1.5 billion worth of Facebook stock since the company decided to go public. The equity held by the company was 0.6% which, as per the market capitalization, was held at $400 billion. Above that, Sheryl Sandberg’s net worth stands at 886,666 options, with $115 million before taxes and fees. In 2013, after selling $91 million in Facebook shares which were around 2.4 million shares, it constituted only 5% of her total Facebook holdings. This was the making of Sheryl Sandberg’s Net Worth, and this is how she became famous for the empire that she had built.

Sheryl Sandberg Husband, education and life

Sheryl Sandberg Husban education and careerSheryl Kara Sandberg was a resident of the United States capital of Washington, D.C., on the 28th of August, 1969. From a Jewish home with two younger brothers, she and her family migrated to North Miami Beach, Florida, once she became two years old.

Before applying to Harvard, she earned a high school diploma and a 4.646 percent grade point average. When she graduated from college in 1991, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics. As the top economics graduate, she received the John H. Williams Prize for her academic accomplishments. It wasn’t until 1993 that she decided to return to Harvard, and it was there that she obtained her MBA in 1995. These achievements are why Sheryl Sandberg’s Net worth is where it is today.

Sandberg has indeed been wedded twice previously, the first time to entrepreneur Brian Kraff from 1993 to 1994 and the second time to investor Dave Goldberg from 2004 until 2015. During her marriage to both men, she gave birth to two children. Rob Goldberg, Sandberg’s brother-in-law, introduced Sandberg to Bernthal in the year 2019. Bernthal relocated his family from Southern California to Sandberg’s residence in Silicon Valley throughout the epidemic. Bernthal had three children at the time.

Surely enough, the bumpy marriages did not let Sheryl Sandberg’s net worth suffer, and she stands as one of the most successful women out there, breaking all stereotypes. In the Facebook post in which she announced her resignation from the firm, Sandberg said that, even though she does not know what her life will be like when she leaves Meta, she and Bernthal have decided to be engaged this season and raise their five kids alongside.