‘Attack On Titan’ S4E24 Comes Out With Confusions

Were you also surprised with the recent episode of “Attack On Titans”? Who was watching from the window? There have been a lot of fan theories and discussions on the topic after the release of the episode.

Someone Watching Annie From a window in the recent episode of ‘Attack On Titan’

Someone was definitely seen watching Annie and others from the window. It seems that the creators have something big coming up with the small event in the episode. When asked, they didn’t reveal a lot about the event, but one of them also indicated that it is a sure indication of something big coming. Annie definitely saw someone when they were running. The episode showed Pieck attacking and, on the other hand, swallowing Jean. We saw this scene just before Floch had the opportunity to kill Onyankopon. Jean pushed Floch away, which ultimately saved his life. All of this was done so that Armin, Annie, Mikasa, Falco, and Gabi escaped with the weapon. But during this event, we see Annie turning back and seeing up on the window. We also see a scene in which we see the scene from the person’s perspective. After this, Annie warns that someone is watching them.

It might be Floch

As it looks, the chances of the person being Floch is relatively high. He was the one who saw Mikasa was missing after Pieck’s attack; hence there is a possibility he was the one observing them. And if this is true, there is lots of trouble coming for our heroes on “Attack On Titan”. On the other hand, many are expecting that the person standing on the window might be Shaddis. We only get to see the shape of the shadow of the person standing there. According to the shape of the head and the body, the person standing there might be Shaddis.