‘One Piece’ Episode 1012 Spoilers: Sanji’s Enemies Set A Trap

The fantastic web series “One Piece” is coming with a big surprise for the fans. The creators dropped the new episode 1012, which is being admired by the viewers. The anime series has been one of the most successful ones currently, and hence fans are expecting a lot from the upcoming episodes.

‘One Piece’ continues to deliver a great plot

If you have been a fan of the web series, then one can make sure that it is not new that the series is all about a fantastic plot and story. However, fans always look for extra, and hence here we have the best spoilers for you regarding the episode. As per reports, the creators have released the new episode on February 27. After its release, it is getting excellent responses. We get to see a lot of twists and turns that change the entire story for the regular viewers.

The episode was seen revolving around Kin’emon, and Kaido was not involved in the main plot. The circumstances change with time, and things do not go as expected. If you are expecting that Sanji would not come to know the reality even after the execution, then you have gone completely wrong.

Sanji finds that it was a trap.

Sanji finds that it was a trap set by his enemies, who have been trying to defeat her for a long time now. But as a surprise, even after knowing all this, Sanji still gets caught, which makes things even more interesting. It was shocking to see how she still was having fun after so much trouble. Hence be prepared to see all such surprises in the new episode. The creators have also promised that things will go beyond what the fans are thinking; so the story of Sanji’s struggle might get more complicated. Soon after the release of the new episode, the story of the episode went viral throughout the internet. With a lot of positive appreciation it is one of the trending shows on the internet.