‘Walker Season 2’: Cordell Walker Finds New Partner

Still wondering what is going to happen in the newest season of ‘Walker’. If yes, then to surprise you, Cordell Walker will get a new partner. And guess what? The new personality is not someone you don’t know.

Ashley Reyes is coming in ‘Walker Season 2.’

Ashley Reyes was one of the main characters in How I Met Your Father. After her special role, people are expecting a lot from her in the newest season of Walker. She will appear in the show this March, and we are excited to see how the partnership goes. Earlier, Lindsey Morgan was playing Micki, who accompanied our hero in the series, but with her departure, we expected that the creators would bring someone even better than her. And here we are with Ashley Reyes, ready to amaze us again with her special acting charm.

The New Charter will be named Cassie.

According to the sources, the new character will be named Cassie, and she is going to be very different from Micki earlier seen in the show. She is going to play the role of a Texas Ranger. Her character is strong, confident and she served Texas state troopers for 8 years. The character of Cassie is going to be very unconditional, and she is probably a person who likes to make quick decisions. This might be an interesting addition to the series.

It will be amazing to see Cordell getting assistance. The series will start with a new case, and Ashley will be joining him on it. Her entrance is going to be hilarious as Cordell mistakenly investigates and gets confused with her as one of the suspects. We won’t be spoiling a lot for you in the article, but eventually, it’s going to be great to see a new plot on ‘Walker’.