‘Classroom of the Elite’ Season 2 Confirmed By Creators

“Classroom of the Elite” is a highly popular and entertaining Japanese anime series that first aired in 2017. Gaining a huge fan base quickly became a huge hit with the public. The creators recently revealed that a sequel to the series is a new character visual image in the works.

‘Classroom of the Elite’ next season release

The creators of the anime novel series announced on their website that a sequel to “Classroom of the Elite” would be released soon. However, fans will be disappointed because the series’ creators have yet to reveal a possible release date, as confirmed by Republicworld.com.

Though the exact date is yet to be declared, the recent reveal of the confirmation has made the fans happier than ever.

The storyline of series

“Classroom Of The Elite” is an anime about Koudo Ikusei High, Japan’s top academy with a classification system based on achievement. Class A is the highest, and Class D is the lowest.

Kiyotaka is a Class D student. Kiyotaka begins to realize his intention to make Class D the school’s boss after becoming acquainted with her talented friend Suzune! The fantastic and fascinating story begins here.

Following the success of season 1, it is hoped that “Classroom Of The Elite” season 2 will continue to be well-received by viewers.

‘Classroom of the Elite’ volumes

The first year of the “Classroom of The Elite” light novel series has 11 volumes published in Japan as of February 2022, and the second year has six books so far.

“Classroom of the Elite” Season 2 will most likely cover the fourth through seventh volumes of the light novel series, according to some users on MyAnimeList’s forums. So they’re most likely going to skip volume 4.5.

There’s also a manga series of the same known by the same name. Volume 11 was the manga’s final volume, covering the entire first year. In addition, a manga for the second year began in early 2022.

The viewers will still have to wait for the classic “Classroom of The Elite” Season 2 aka Yôkoso jitsuryoku shijô shugi no kyôshitsu e to be released on the official platforms.