Texas Couple Shot, Dismembered And Dumped In Mexico

The bodies of a Texas couple were found shot, tortured, dismembered, and dumped by the roadside during their trip to Mexico. Authorities found the bodies of Yulizsa Ramirez and Nohemi Medina Martinez. They both were married. They were 28 years old. Originally, they were from Juarez and residing in El Paso, as per their Facebook Page, reports People.

Chihuahua State Office of the Attorney General spotted two bodies found about 17 miles apart on Juares-ElPorvenir Road near Jesus Carranza and San Agustin on Sunday morning. The couple left behind three children, two girls and a boy. They were said to have been married in July 2021. An investigating report has been unable to tell the motive of this double murder. The authorities have not yet identified any suspect of this double murder case, reports nypost.

Texas Couple Shot, Dismembered And Dumped In Mexico

Affective-Sexual Diversities Held A March For Justice

The public demanded justice for the couple. A march for Affective-Sexual Diversities has been held in Ciudad Juarez, in which it demanded justice for the brutal and terrible crime of two lesbians. According to this group, “it is a femicide and surely a hate crime due to lesbophobia since it cannot be otherwise given the cruelty and viciousness with which they were murdered”, said in a statement to a news reporter.

Further adding to their statement, they said, “We demand a stop to the messages of hate towards people of sexual diversity, gender identity and expression by power entities and the media that give rise to all kinds of aggressions that can validate taking the life of one person”.

Committee Release Formal Statement To The Mexican Secretariat

“We cannot allow Chihuahua to continue to be the second state in the country with the most hate crimes, and that each year there are more”, states the last tweet of the committee.

The committee also issued a formal statement to the Mexican Secretariat of the interior, requesting more vigilance and intense investigation and serious consequences for the crime against the LGBTQ community.