True Crime Tales Around Texas City Making Debut On Streaming Platforms

The Americans are a huge fan of streaming crime stories. Considering the Crime Junkie podcast, it is number 3 on Spotify. Apart from it, true crime is regarded as the popular genre is streaming on Juggernaut Netflix.

True Crime Tales Around Texas City

On Investigation discovery TV, the new crime TV show named “Murder” under the Friday Night Lights covers rapes and murders of the cheerleaders in Dallas-River Oaks, Fort Worth town, and the other crimes related to football high school.

Texas True Crime Series released on Hulu

The news partner of CultureMap, ABC13, which is Houston-based, released this series on the popular streaming platform Hulu. “Season 2 of the crime series is quite successful. It is one of the unsolved series that has been highly streamed,” as per CultureMap.

All documentaries can be streamed on and the other connected TV apps, including Hulu, Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, and Fire TV.

The Texas True Crime creepy stuff comes in with The Candyman Murders on the Hulu platform. The reporter of ABC13, Jessica Willey, made sure to revisit the case of Dean Corll’s mass murder which was horrific enough to label him a serial killer. This is about the case that haunted the community of Texas for around 50 years.

What documentaries are being featured on the Texas True Crime library?

Some of the uninitiated documentaries have been featured herein on series like,

  • Slain Ft. Hood soldier in Vanessa Guillen: Remember Her Name
  • Serial killer William Reece, Tracking the Devil: The William Reece Confessions, etc.
  • The unsolved series follows with the ABC13 reporter named Courtney Fisher, who shared stories of the families from Texas who still were searching for answers regarding their loved one’s disappearance and murder.
  • The unsolved episodes which are available for streaming are,
  • Princess Blue. Herein shown is the mystery woman called Princess Blue, who identified Julie Gwenn Davis, the teen who was last seen in Southeast Texas in the mid-’80s. Investigators now have the name, and they have begun the hunt for the killer.
  • A Life Never Lived. Kristen Wilson was murdered on Thanksgiving, and chances were that she was even raped in the apartment of Houston. After 25 years now, the old evidence is being tested for the DNA of the killer.
  • The disappearance of the Drive-in. It is known as one of Houston’s oldest and the coldest cases. The case is from 1975 about the 15-year-old girl, Patricia Kaye Humphrey, who went for the drive-in movie with her sister, who vanished. Her body was found by the PD 5 months later, strangled and raped. As of now, the police seem to be searching for leaders to solve the case.
  • Fischer worked with many law enforcement agencies and investigators from 2018 till date to shed light on cold cases, as per CultureMap. In this time, the unsolved profiled around 20 cold cases, many of which were solved.
  • According to ABC13, the investigators are now reaching the Fischer with the hope of featuring unsolved cold cases.