U.S. Special Forces Secretly Deployed In Taiwan To Train Their Military

A new report claimed that the United States Special Operations and Marine Forces deployed to Taiwan last year. Allegedly, the move was a secret, and it aimed to train the Taiwanese military.

Officials Talk About Supposed Details Of Deployment 

Fox News reported that officials who know of the deployment talked to Wall Street Journal. They said that around two dozen members of the U.S. Special Operation Units and supporting troops conducted ground training. The Marines, on the other hand, trained small boat units. The training is an attempt to shore up Taiwan’s defenses. Financial Times added in their report that people familiar with the deployments said the training is also connected partly with Taiwan’s purchase of American arms like F-16 fighters.

Financial Times continued to say that although other reports said U.S. troops have been working with the Taiwan military since last year, their source claims U.S. special forces have been in Taiwan for at least a decade.

Chinese Military Planes Enter Taiwan’s Air Defense 

Since last week, Chinese military planes have entered Taiwan’s air defense zone. Fox News said that over 150 fighter jets and bombers got into the defense zone, and although it did not officially enter Taiwan’s air space, it was deemed a show of force. The show of force has since been a concern by many countries like the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, and the U.S.

Because of the activities by China, Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang warned that Taiwan needs to be on alert. Fox News quoted him saying, “China is increasingly over the top. We must come together as one and strengthen ourselves. Only then will countries that want to annex Taiwan not dare to resort to force easily.”

China claims that Taiwan is part of China under the one-China policy. Taiwan, on the other hand, identifies as a sovereign nation. Because of this, China has condemned Taiwanese independence and threatened many times it will take the island back by force.