Middle School Texas Teacher Intentionally Removes Mask, Breathes On Student

A middle school teacher from Texas intentionally removed her mask then breathed on a student. The incident was caught on camera and is now making its rounds online.

Video Uploaded On Social Media 

Insider reported that the video showing the teacher cornering the student was uploaded on social media. It is unclear how the altercation started because the portion that was only caught in the video was when the teacher had already pulled her mask down her chin and was breathing intentionally on the student.

The report said that the incident took place at Mead Middle School. The teacher, who remains unidentified, could be heard saying, “I don’t care,” at the student in the video. The student later tried to get away from the teacher, but she could not go anywhere else. The student then asked the teacher to get out of her face, but the teacher continued to breathe, shout at the student, and say, “Make me.” Towards the end of the video, the student asks the teacher if she wants her to leave her class or not, and the teacher says, “No, actually,” then orders the student to take a seat.

A student’s relative said on social media that they were told nothing happened before the video circulated online.

Middle School Texas Teacher Intentionally Removes Mask, Breathes On Student
Image Credit: FOX 26 Houston/YouTube screencap

Teacher Removed From Class, Faces Termination 

Insider said that the teacher has been removed from her class and now faces termination. What the teacher did is a breach in the policies implemented by Aldine Independent School District, where Mead Middle School is located. The school district is one of those in Texas requiring face coverings for the staff and the students. Insider quoted the statement saying, “After being notified of the incident, the teacher was removed from the classroom, and an investigation was conducted. The investigation has concluded, and the district will take appropriate administrative action.”