Texas Man Out On Bond, Suspected Of Committing Two Murders While Free

A Texas man, who is out on bond from an aggravated assault charge, allegedly committed two separate murders while he was free. The man was not under any bail conditions after his release when he posted his bond.

According to Fox News, the man is 29-year-old Laderious Deshawn Nicholson. Documents obtained by Fox News showed Nicholson has been in jail since 2-19 for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and was just released this 2021 on a surety bond.

Details Surrounding His Release On A Bond

Fox News shared that records from Travis County Sheriff’s Office showed Nicholson got released on March 15. He posted a bond worth $75,000 under Kwik Out Bail bonds. After posting his bond, he became free without any bail conditions like a GPS monitor or curfew.

Has He Been Arrested?

Nicholson allegedly committed the murders months after his release. The documents showed he committed the first murder on May 15, 2021, during a dice game robbery. On June 23, 2021, he allegedly shot a man seven times, killing the latter, during a drug deal in Austin, Texas.

Subsequently, warrants were issued against Nicholson, and police arrested him in September this year. Nicholson is now at the Travis County correctional system.

Texas Man Out On Bond, Allegedly Committed Two Murders While Free
Image Credit: The Official Face To Face Project/YouTube screencap

The District Attorney Who Acted On The Bond

Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza acted on the bond of Nicholson. His county is funded by liberal megadonor George Soros, who gained notoriety for pushing for programs that defund police departments and programs that lower the sentencing requirements for violent crimes.

More on Garza, he is a Democrat, and he defeated then-District Attorney Margaret Moore. He had been in the office for three months before Nicholson got released on bond.

Garza’s office talked to Fox News, saying a judge set the bond for Nicholson in 2019 even before he took office. The office did not say, however, if they were aware of Nicholson’s release in March.