Texas Governor Greg Abbott Issues An Executive Order Banning Covid-19 Vaccination Mandates In the State

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has just released an executive order on Monday that bans the implementation of Covid-19 mandates by any entity, which includes private businesses. This one is said to go further than his previous vaccine mandate back in August as it only prohibits vaccine mandates by any state government entity or entities that have received public funds, according to Axios 

The Republican Abbott has stated in his executive order that it was prompted by President Joe Biden’s Covid-19 vaccination mandate. The governor even deemed such a move as a federal overreach.  

‘It should remain voluntary and never forced’ – Gov. Abbott  

In a statement posted over on the Office of the Texas Governor, Abbott said that the Covid-19 vaccine is safe, effective, and the best defense against the virus. However, he pointed out that it should remain voluntary and never forced.  

The Texan governor has also submitted the issue to the state legislature’s special session agenda. Further, the said order would be rescinded once legislation coding it has been passed.  

Mask mandates and proof of vaccination too  

For the uninitiated, Abbott had been tested positive for Covid-19 back in August. Similar to the recent executive order, the governor also barred mask mandates and even proof of vaccination requirements in the state.   

Abbott issued the executive orders for these over the summer as refusal to comply would be fined a sum of $1,000. However, school districts in Dallas and San Antonio have challenged it in court. In line with this, the legislature has also passed a bill back in June that bans private businesses from requiring proof of vaccination from their customers.  

Texas is as of late experiencing a surge in Covid-19 cases as this resulted in overcrowded hospitals. This prompted Abbott to put up monoclonal antibody infusion centers.  

The vax mandate  

Last month, President Joe Biden has issued a couple of executive orders which mandate vaccines for federal workers and contractors. Additionally, he also announced new requisites for large employers and health care providers that according to him would affect around 100 million workers which more than two-thirds of the U.S. workforce, NBC reported.  

The president said that they’ve been patient, though their patience is wearing thin as he is appealing to the unvaccinated population. He went on to say that their refusal has cost the rest of the nation.