Haitian Family Had To Travel For Almost Three Months To Get To U.S. Border

A Haitian family had to travel for more than two months to get across the Texas-Mexico border. During their travel, they had their two-year-old baby with them.

Family Is Reunited With A Relative 

Many Haitians flocked to the Del Rio, Texas border earlier this month. The Biden administration worked round the clock to ensure that people staying at the makeshift campsite were deported back to Haiti and other countries.

Some people, however, were allowed to stay. These were families and those who had sponsors. The family of three in the report by ABC 13 talked to a cousin who was already in Houston, Texas, so he could guide them on how they could cross the U.S. border.

The man is named Frantz Moreau, and his wife is named Lovelie Cenelien. Their baby is two years old and will turn three this October. Moreau, who speaks Creole, spoke to ABC 13, and everything he said was translated by Judith Stevenson, who works with Judith Loving Arms. In Moreau’s statement to ABC 13, he said that they traveled for two-and-a-half months from Haiti to Chile, than from Chile to Mexico, and from Mexico to the U.S. border.

ABC 13 quoted Moreau saying, “Since it’s been a challenging journey, a lot was going on. I saw dead people. I crossed rivers. My daughter got sick, and we were in the rain for like seven days. I would not suggest someone come, or not to come, but I will just let them know to trust in God.” The cousin is now hosting the family, and Moreau said he hopes that his legal process to stay in the United States would allow him to work soon to provide for his family.

Moreau further told ABC 13 that he had to share their story because there is no life in Haiti as there is no security and it is no longer safe to live there. Moreau added that he and his wife wanted their daughter to have better opportunities.

Haitian Family Had To Travel For Almost Three Months To Get To U.S. Border
Image Credit: LBJ Library/Flickr

Abbott Pushes To Secure Border 

After the wave of the majority of Haitian migrants flocked to Del Rio, Texas’ border, Governor Greg Abbott is now pushing to secure the border. His push comes after reports emerged claiming that more people will be marching to the border in hopes of being allowed to enter the U.S.