NYC Man Convicted In A Federal Court For Trying To Help The Taliban Over US Troops

A man in New York City got convicted last week after attempting to help the Taliban fight the American troops in Afghanistan.   

NYC man’s arrest details and conviction  

On Friday, the 36-year-old Delowar Mohammed Hossain was proven guilty inside a Manhattan federal court after doing the act as mentioned above. Hossain got arrested back in July of 2019 at John F. Kennedy International Airport. He was preparing to board a flight bound for Thailand – which is said to be his first leg in his journey to Afghanistan. By the time he got caught, Hossain was found with thousands of dollars in cash which is believed to be used in purchasing weapons. Alongside him upon his arrest was a mountain survival gear, Fox News reported 

Hossain’s intent  

Additionally, federal prosecutors revealed that in 2018, Hossain started expressing his intent to travel to Afghanistan to eliminate American troops. Further, within ten months, he managed to recruit several individuals, as one is believed t be a government informant. He even reached out to someone inside Pakistan who also has relations with the Taliban.   

Prosecutors of Hossain’s case revealed that his preparations include purchasing equipment like trekking gear and walkie-talkies. He even provided instructions to the informant to save up some cash to purchase some weapons by the time they were in Afghanistan.   

In line with this, there was a part in the court documents where Hossain was quoted saying, “I want to kill some kufars (non-believers) before I die.”  

Hossain is facing 35 years in prison as sentencing is scheduled in January of next year.  

Taliban’s ‘brutal justice’  

Meanwhile, the Taliban’s religious police have been given moderate instructions to carry out justice to convicted individuals. However, vulnerable Afghans say otherwise as “brutal justice” is still being carried out.  

A notable incident happened last month after the Taliban put alleged kidnappers’ bodies on display. According to CNN, four bodies were hung off construction cranes with heavy chains. One of the bodies had a sign strung around his neck that reads, “Abductors will be punished like this.”