People Getting Worst Cold Ever; Dr Kaye Explains Why

These days, a sneeze could bring to your mind the fear of Covid-19. But a common cold may not mean that you have contracted the coronavirus. People all around the world are complaining about a common cold that is making life difficult.

Most of the people who have been getting this common cold attack are experiencing tough times and are forced to stay idle for at least a week.

If you are a regular of Twitter, you would know that these complaints are being voiced worldwide. People have been posting that the cold attack this time has been severe, and there has been nothing so wrong ever before.

People say they wake up in the middle of the night coughing, runny nose, and are so tired. Many fear that they have Covid 19 and rush to get their tests done. But most of them are tested negative.

Some have even named their runny nose experience as the “worst colds” and “freshers flu on steroids,” said a NewsBreak report. One person affected by this worst form of the common cold has described it as akin to being hit by a bus.

Easing of Covid-19 restrictions, a reason

According to Dr. Philippa Kaye, a London general practitioner, who spoke to BBC, about this ‘worst cold’ attack, there has been a rise in the number of coughs and colds and viral infections and that the numbers are “as high as you’d see in a normal winter and the main reason is because of the easing of coronavirus restrictions.”

Dr. Kaye believes that with restrictions now off, people have been mingling more than what was seen 18 months ago. According to her, during the first lockdowns, numbers of non-Covid infections had decreased. This needs to be seen as due to the restrictions.

Respiratory-driven ailments

That also means that the restrictions to prevent the coronavirus spread had stopped other ailments such as the cold and flu. With restrictions lifted, people are back to their old ways, and with them, the germs are also mingling with others. Most of these ailments are respiratory-driven. The germs out when people talk or cough or sneeze also get inhaled.

The doctor added that the best thing to do when a cold attack happens is to visit the doctor so that the spread is halted.