Stimulus Check Update; How an Additional $1,400 Check Could Help Social Security Recipients

Seeking support to get an emergency $1,400 stimulus check to help senior citizens tide over unprecedented inflation, The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) has gathered more than one million signatures that would add strength to a petition.

TSCL, which is among the largest nonpartisan senior citizens advocacy groups, has been working towards getting this amount sanctioned to benefit the people who actually need it most.

AGo banking rates report which has detailed the petition said that it reads thus: “I (and/or my spouse) want Social Security recipients to receive a $1,400.00 emergency stimulus check to cope during this unprecedented inflationary year. Social Security benefits are one of the few types of income in retirement adjusted for inflation.”

The Senior Citizens League Collects Signatures for Petition

Arguing that the COLA raise would not be suitable enough for seniors living on a fixed income, owing to the 5 percent inflation surge experienced over the past 13 months.

TSCL said in its plea that Social Security benefits had increased by just 1.3 percent in 2021, and that had upped the average benefit by only about $20 a month.

However, about 86 percent of Social Security recipients surveyed have made it known that they had experienced an increase in expenses by much more than that amount, The Senior Citizens League pointed out in its petition.

Meat Prices Hit the Roof

The report also said that the meat industry has been among the sectors that had experienced the most significant increase. Though overall inflation stood around 5 percent, chicken prices rose 7.2 percent, and pork prices 9 percent. Meanwhile, the prices for ground beef stand at a massive 13 percent compared to the last year’s numbers.

Senior citizens would welcome a $1,400 check as they could help in bringing home the much-needed groceries.  Senior citizens are already on a tight fixed income, and many low-income seniors face food insecurity.