CDC’s COVID Data Tracker Puts California in Orange Tier

This week, California is the only state with “moderate” or “yellow” status from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) due to COVID transmission.

However, on Tuesday afternoon, the state returned to the orange zone, indicating a widespread.

The orange alert included the states of Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, and Louisiana, in addition to the rest of the country. More than 100 new cases per 100,000 people in most other states during the past week, indicating “high” transmission.

According to the San Francisco Gate News, using the most recent data, the CDC’s pandemic tracker assesses the severity of the COVID pandemic across the country. California often falls behind in providing weekend data, so the Monday map is highly unreliable.

The California Department of Public Health told SFGate that there is a data issue with the CDC COVID Data Tracker that CDPH is aware of and is working with CDC to resolve.

“For part of Mondays and Tuesdays for the last several weeks, CDC has shown California as being in the “yellow/moderate transmission” category and then has switched to show California as in the “orange/substantial transmission” category later on Tuesday. This problem appears to be linked to California’s five-day/week reporting cadence. CDC has notified CDPH that they will be implementing a change in their system to accommodate the CDPH reporting cadence,” CDPH stated, as quoted in the report.

COVID-19 Vaccines Reach Poorer Countries.

Eight Counties Around Bay Area in Yellow Status

Most indoor mask mandates will be dropped in the eight Bay Area counties that agreed to a common set of criteria, except Solano.

SFist News reported that among the requirements are being in the CDC’s yellow alert zone for three weeks in a row and having at least 80% of the population fully immunized. Only Marin County appears to meet these requirements shortly.

For places like gyms, college classes, and religious gatherings, the city of San Francisco recently loosened its mask mandate. The state mandates public transportation, taxis, rideshares, and other modes of transportation

While the number of cases has steadily declined, signs of the following winter’s outbreak appear in northern U.S. states as temperatures drop and people seek adequate shelter. Recently, claims have risen in the northernmost states of the country.