Anti-Vaxxer Getting Owned By A Homeless Man With A Simple Answer  

A homeless man went viral after responding to an anti-vaccine protester down Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.   

The Twitter page of Film the Police LA (@FilmThePoliceLA) managed to capture the incident on video, where it featured a collective of anti-vaxxers carrying picket signs as they expressed their disgust in getting jabbed. A woman can also be heard shouting into a megaphone, saying, “Do you see all these homeless people around? Are they dead in the street from Covid? Hell no. Why?”   

It was at this moment she knew…  

The Independent.UK reported, “The moment arrived when a homeless man pushing a shopping cart came into focus and could be heard responding to the said protester saying, “Because I’m vaccinated, you dumb f**k!” Listening closely, the lady seemingly choked up a bit after the homeless man’s remark.  

Film the Police LA’s clip got massive attention on Twitter that it already raked in over four million views as of writing. Twitter folks even commended the man for what he did on the video.  

The Twitter page tracked down the homeless man as they learned that he simply goes by Ray from Denver. He said he’d been around that spot for seven years. The tweet described the man as “super-intelligent with a gentle demeanor.”   

Homeless man’s Gofundme  

It was also noted that Ray would soon be getting a mobile phone and an ID voucher. Once he gets those (most likely he already did), Film the Police LA revealed that they’d be setting up a Gofundme page for Ray’s housing. At the time of writing, the page is already up and has already surpassed the $15,000 goal.  

Pfizer’s Covid-19 agenda exposed  

Covid-19 vaccines are made available for free for all Americans, most especially to homeless individuals. However, a recent expose from Project Veritas featured several scientists from pharmaceutical giant Pfizer as they said that people’s antibodies are better than the vaccines they’re giving out.   

There’s even a nine-minute clip showing the scientists being interviewed by an undercover reporter from Project Veritas as they are in unison about their sentiments about the vaccines. Just like Ray’s video, this too gained a lot of attention from the general public as it is already viewed over five million times as of publication.