Fourth Stimulus Check Update: Some States Are Giving Money To Select Citizens

The Biden administration still does not indicate that they will roll out a fourth round of stimulus checks from the federal government. However, specific states are sending money to some of their citizens.

Texas Gives Checks To School Employees

Texas’ school districts are giving their employees stimulus checks, and they are known as retention bonuses. It varies per school district. In Dallas’ Irving suburb, Penn Live reported giving up to $2,000 worth of checks. In Denton, they get up to $500 plus a two percent pay raise. Other school districts in the state also provided payment increases.

Tennessee Provides For Full-Time, Part-Time Teachers 

Penn Live noted in their report that Tennessee believes their teachers went through the worst part of the pandemic. That is why they devised a program where full-time teachers will get $1,000 stimulus checks and part-time teachers will get $500 stimulus checks. The money is expected to reach educators by the end of 2021.

New Mexico Gives $500 To Low-Income Families 

Albuquerque Journal reported that Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham said last week that they approved a $5.6 million program. This will benefit almost 13,000 low-income families to help them pay for housing, utility payments, food, clothing, and other expenses. It is unclear when this will be rolled out, but eligible families will not register as the local government has their data.

Specific Workers Get Stimulus Check From Florida 

In Florida, educators have received $1,000 for their dedication to continuing teaching students during the pandemic. Police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and paramedics will also get the same amount as the teachers.

California’s Golden State Stimulus Check 

After the federal government announced they would not extend the unemployment benefits given to eligible people, California created a state-level program to help its citizens. The local government sent out the third round of Golden State stimulus checks this Oct. 5. Eligible citizens can expect to get $500 to $1,100.