More Stimulus Checks Are Now Coming For Teachers, School Staff Members

The American Rescue Plan package has allowed $350 billion to be sent to state and local governments. Some states will use this for their schools to ensure it is safe for students, while others will be giving it out to their teaching and school staff as a thank you for their efforts during the pandemic.


These checks are worth $1,000 and are called “thank you stimulus checks.” The money is the state’s way to thank these people as they were forced to adapt to remote work during the pandemic. An example of the state that will issue such thank you stimulus checks is Florida. The state will give it to 170,000 teachers.


On the other hand, in Georgia, almost all school teachers and staff members like the bus drivers and cafeteria workers will get a bonus from the 35 percent of the coronavirus stimulus money sent to them by the government. In Berkley, California, teachers will get a bonus equivalent to 3.5 percent of their salary.

However, not everyone is happy about the thank you stimulus checks and the bonuses for teachers and staff members. In Florida, around 130,000 school employees expressed their disappointment over the news that they won’t get a stimulus check because they aren’t teachers.

Teachers in Tennessee and Colorado will likewise get bonuses. However, it is unclear what kind they will get. More local governments are expected to make the same move as they use a part of their American Rescue Plan stimulus money.

As for other people in the United States, a fourth stimulus check is underway, although not anytime soon. Last week, monthly checks already went out as part of the Federal Child Tax Credit expansion.