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Elementary school principal allegedly discriminates against immigrants removed from school

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AUSTIN – Gabriela Soto, principal at Andrews Elementary School, was removed from the property after claims against her stated she discriminated against immigrant parents.

A letter was sent home with students to their families on Wednesday stating she would not be returning to school.

“I wish to inform you that your current principal, Gabriela Soto, will not be returning. Please be assured that we will continue to review and address the concerns that have been brought forward regarding Andrews Elementary,” Betty Jenkins, district executive director, said in the letter.

KVUE reported that a member of the East Austin School Manifesto Coalition stated, “children, parents, and staff suffered daily from the onslaught of anti-immigrant bias, racial slurs, bullying, threats, intimidation, and retaliation for over a year.”

“We will work to create the safest possible environment for Andrews students, families, and employees, providing them with the foundation needed to learn, thrive, seek assistance and information, and reach each child’s potential in education-focused environment, free of insecurity and fear, regardless of immigration status,” the letter continued.

Since March 25th Soto was placed on a leave of absence but was expected to return on April 28th, according to Austin ISD. The school districted has reported to looking into transferring Soto to another school.

Soto had been the principal of Andrews Elementary since January of 2018.

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