Lawsuit Claims Doctor’s Death at Disney World Restaurant Despite Allergen Checks with Waiters

The tragic demise of a New York physician due to anaphylaxis following a meal at a Walt Disney World restaurant in Orlando has sparked a lawsuit citing negligence against Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant. Filed on behalf of Kanokporn Tangsuan’s husband, Jeffrey J. Piccolo, the 19-page lawsuit was lodged in a Florida circuit court last Thursday, alleging lapses in duty of care by the aforementioned entities.

The incident, which unfolded on October 5, resulted in the untimely death of Tangsuan, a respected family doctor from New York, after dining at the restaurant situated within Disney Springs, an entertainment and dining hub within the Walt Disney World Resort. The complaint outlines the belief held by Tangsuan, Piccolo, and Piccolo’s mother that the restaurant would uphold adequate measures to safeguard Tangsuan from potential allergens.

Despite Tangsuan and Piccolo diligently apprising the wait staff of her severe allergies to nuts and dairy, and seeking explicit confirmation regarding the ingredients of various menu items, the lawsuit alleges a failure on the part of the restaurant to fulfill its duty. The waiter purportedly assured Tangsuan and Piccolo that the establishment would cater to her dietary restrictions.

The menu choices made by Tangsuan—vegetable fritter, battered scallops, vegan shepherd’s pie, and onion rings—were reportedly affirmed by the waiter as allergen-free. However, concerns arose when the ordered dishes arrived without allergen-free markers, prompting the couple to seek reassurance once more. Despite the waiter’s reaffirmation, tragedy struck shortly after the meal.

As Tangsuan and Piccolo continued their day with a shopping excursion, Tangsuan’s health rapidly deteriorated, culminating in a severe allergic reaction. Despite her swift administration of an Epi-pen and the summoning of emergency services, Tangsuan succumbed to the reaction. Piccolo, unable to reach his wife directly, received a distressing message urging immediate hospital attendance. The subsequent revelation of Tangsuan’s passing left Piccolo devastated.

In the aftermath, Piccolo seeks redress through damages exceeding $50,000 under the Florida Wrongful Death Act. Compensatory claims encompass loss of companionship, mental anguish, lost income, and incurred medical and funeral expenses. An autopsy cited in the complaint pinpointed anaphylaxis stemming from elevated levels of dairy and nuts in Tangsuan’s system as the cause of death.

The lawsuit assigns culpability to both the restaurant and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, attributing negligence to inadequate staff training, failure to provide adequate allergen warnings, and non-compliance with repeated requests for allergen-free food preparation. The legal action underscores the gravity of the lapse in duty, emphasizing the profound consequences of negligence in accommodating dietary restrictions, ultimately resulting in the tragic loss of a cherished life.

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