Get to know more about Lee Sun-Kyun Cause of Death and Obituary.

Lee Sun-kyun, the Oscar-winning actor from the film “Parasite,” died on Wednesday, according to South Korea’s emergency office. Lee was discovered dead in a car in a central Seoul park on Wednesday, according to the report.

Lee Sun-kyun Actor

What Happened to Lee Sun-Kyun?

An unconscious Lee was located in an unspecified Seoul area, according to police. South Korean media reports, including Yonhap, claimed that police were looking for Lee after his family reported that he left home earlier Wednesday after penning a message like a suicide note. South Korean police said Wednesday that actor Lee Sun-kyun of the Oscar-winning film “Parasite” was found unconscious. According to South Korean media, including the Yonhap news agency, Lee was discovered dead in a car in a Seoul park. According to Yonhap, authorities were looking for Lee after his family reported him missing after penning a message resembling a suicide note on Wednesday.

Lee Sun-kyun Cause of death

Who is Lee Sun-Kyun?

Lee was most recognized for his part in the film “Parasite,” in which he played the patriarch of an affluent family. For his role in the same movie, he earned a Screen Actors Guild award for “cast in a motion picture” in 2021. Last year, he was nominated for best actor at the International Emmy Awards for his portrayal in the sci-fi thriller “Dr. Brain.”

What is Lee Sun-Kyun Cause of Death?

The officers confirmed this to a local Korean news outlet, Chosun Ilbo after he was discovered slumped in his automobile in Seoul’s Jongno district. As of now, suicide is suspected, albeit police have not divulged the actual cause of his death. This occurred shortly after the Parasite actor’s drug investigations. He was 48 years old at the time. The actor admitted to agencies that he had unknowingly consumed a medication. Madam Kim, a woman from an adult company, said officers she observed him drinking powder with a straw. It is thought to be ketamine.

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