Who is Lee Sun-Kyun Wife? And Who was Lee Sun-kyun? Tap Here to Know More Details

According to the Associated Press and the South Korean news agency Yonhap, Lee Sun-kyun, a South Korean actor who starred in the 2020 Oscar Best Picture winner “Parasite,” died Wednesday morning. He was 48.

What happened to Lee Sun-kyun?

Lee has recently been the subject of an investigation by the police for potential illegal drug use. The Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency in South Korea had been investigating Lee and seven other people for alleged drug use; Lee claimed to have been the victim of blackmail by another person being probed and had lost hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of the extortion. According to Yonhap, authorities questioned Lee three times as recently as last Saturday for his alleged usage of marijuana and other drugs earlier this year at the house of a hostess of a high-end bar in Seoul. He stated he had been duped and had no idea what he was ingesting.

Who was Lee Sun-kyun?

“Parasite” won four Academy Awards in 2020, including Best Picture, Director for Bong Joon-ho, Original Screenplay, and South Korean international feature film. It also won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, making it the first South Korean film to accomplish so. Lee and the cast of “Parasite” earned a Screen Actors Guild award for outstanding performance by a model in a motion picture. Lee portrayed Park Dong-ik, the patriarch of the wealthy Park family who mistakenly employs members of the fraudulent, lower-class Kim family to assist in caring for his children and running the family business.

Who is Lee Sun-Kyun Wife

Who is Lee Sun-Kyun Wife?

Actor Lee Sun Gyun and his wife, Jeon Hye Jin, may suffer financial penalties if their advertising contracts are scrutinized as a result of Lee Sun Gyun’s alleged involvement in drug operations. Lee Sun Gyun and his wife, Jeon Hye Jin, reportedly face financial penalties after their advertising contracts were questioned following the current issue involving Lee Sun Gyun’s alleged involvement in a narcotics case. Kim Heon Sik, a pop culture critic and commentator, raised the topic during a recent interview with YTN News. Lee Sun Gyun has appeared in some adverts, frequently alongside his wife.

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