Earn More, Work Smarter: Switch to These Five Lucrative Professions for a 24% Salary Bump

If you’re eyeing a substantial increase in your income, consider making a switch to a different profession, and surprisingly, you won’t need to delve into computer programming or artificial intelligence. The allure lies in some surprisingly old-school industries that have witnessed remarkable growth, with salaries spiking by as much as 24% in certain sectors, making a compelling case for job transitions in the upcoming year.

Despite a cooling job market and notable layoffs in the tech sector throughout 2023, specific professions have defied the trend, offering workers a chance to revel in a surge in pay. Payscale’s data illuminates the top five in-demand jobs where wages have experienced significant upswings.

Leading the charge is the Assistant Manager of Customer Service, a middle-management role in the customer service industry, boasting a median salary of $44,200—a remarkable 24% increase in just one year. The high turnover in this sector necessitates competitive compensation to attract and retain skilled employees.

Surprising many, Hairstylists secure the second spot, experiencing a 22% boost in pay compared to the previous year, with an average annual salary of $34,000. Despite not boasting exorbitant salaries, hairstylists enjoy flexible hours and generous tips, especially during the holiday season.

The timeless trade of a Master Plumber, with an average median salary of $82,700, clinches the third position, surpassing the average median salary of $56,000 by a significant margin. The profession has witnessed a remarkable 21% increase in pay compared to the preceding year, and the industry is actively seeking young plumbers to replace retiring practitioners.

In the realm of old-school skills that remain in high demand, the Auto Body Repairer secures the fourth spot. With cars continuing to populate the roads, body shops remain indispensable, leading to a 21% increase in median salary to $51,000 compared to 2022.

Finally, Job Coaches claim the fifth spot, earning an average of $46,600. In this profession, many operate as freelancers, setting their own salaries and payment terms. However, it’s worth noting that they forego benefits enjoyed by traditional W2 employees, such as healthcare and 401K contributions.

As we navigate a rapidly evolving job market, these unexpected sectors present not only a pathway to increased earnings but also a testament to the enduring value and demand for skills that have stood the test of time. So, if you’re contemplating a career change, these old-school yet thriving professions might just hold the key to unlocking a more lucrative future in 2023.

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