Pathways Funding Available For Economic Relief: See Who’s Eligible!

Pathways funding is available for economic relief to residents. This is made possible through the partnership of the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County together with United Way of Greater Charlottesville.

The remaining Pathways Funding is available for residents. (Photo: United Development)

Financial Relief Through Pathways Funding

The City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County have partnered with United Way of Greater Charlottesville to provide financial relief through the remaining Pathways funding for residents who are experiencing negative economic impacts due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Charlottesville Gov reported.

The Pathways funding set aside for Albemarle County residents has been exhausted by the Pathways Community Resource Helpline for rent, mortgage, and utility assistance.

According to Ravi Respeto, President & CEO of the United Way of Greater Charlottesville, the economic hardships continue to linger for many families though they have weathered the worst of the health impacts of the pandemic.

She said it will take time and resources to the right size for families greatly affected by economic hardships. Families will need continued support to overcome the two years financial setback caused by the pandemic, especially those who lost jobs, and wages or who faced evictions and Pathways funding is a great help.

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Remaining Pathways Funding Available For Residents

For residents of the City of Charlottesville who are seeking assistance, there are still funds remaining through the Pathways funding.

How to be eligible for the available Pathways funding?

Residents must provide and present documentation of eligibility which may include:

  • pay stubs
  • bank statements
  • or enrollment letters (if the resident is receiving federal assistance)
  • Landlord ledgers and utility bills for amounts owed

For those residents who need assistance to avail of Pathways funding, the Community Resource Hotline number is 833-524-2904 while the Spanish line number is 434-373-0930. The resource hotline number is available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Kaki Dimock, Albemarle County Director of Social Services said Albemarle County is really grateful for the wonderful partnership of the United Way, the City of Charlottesville, and the county.

The partnership made it possible to provide support to community members and residents in need through Pathways funding in a very timely way. The Community Resource Helpline was a great resource for many residents who are struggling during this difficult time.

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